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Case Study – Digital Transformation

Business Challenge

To ensure DDA compliance and prevent the redundancy of cross-site analogue TV systems upon the completion of the UK digital TV system switchover from analogue signals in 2012, the Ministry of Justice required the design, planning and implementation of a solution which would convert a censored prison estate digital channel suite to an analogue signal and distribute it along each internal network

Our Approach

After successfully winning the contract in 2008, Ajar Technology carried out surveys of all MOJ prison sites in the UK to assess signal strength, position and specific site needs. This thoroughly detailed process covered the full spectrum of MOJ sites ranging from low security ‘open’ prisons, to maximum security institutions.

Our Solution

Upon identifying the site needs, a head solution using COTS equipment was designed and Ajar Technology proceeded to install it in all MOJ sites, ready for the digital migration in 2012. The TV channel suite comprises of 9 channels, plus those duplicated channels with subtitles for DDA compliance, plus an in-cell education channel and DVD channel.

Benefits to His Majesty’s Prison Service and Ministry of Justice

At all stages of the project, DDA compliance was at the forefront of design considerations, ensuring that the MOJ continued to meet the standard requirements. Ajar Technology achieved a 10% saving on all installed systems, providing the MOJ with an even greater value for money.

Ajar Technology continue to hold the ongoing service maintenance contract for the TV system in the MOJ sites, giving individual prisons and the MOJ complete confidence in a compliant and effective system, and ensuring any downtime or service disruption is limited.

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