UK Council Audio Visual project

Case Study – Audio Visual


A UK District Council in collaboration with local development partners, recently delivered a new build project to help support small and medium businesses (SMEs) in the construction sector to embrace innovation and access new business pportunities. As part of the project, a cutting-edge Innovation Hub was created  to provide members of the network, as well as visitors, with a modern conferencing and meeting space, as well as a tech suite, to enable users to test and embrace new software and tech for the construction industry.

Business Challenge

Ajar Technology of Brentford, London, was invited to tender for the AV and IT integration package for the Innovation Hub. Working with key interactive display partner Avocor, Ajar Technology designed an interactive and collaborative audiovisual solution that aligns with the contemporary and sustainable style of the centre. The solution uses standardised display and video conferencing technology across the hub, to provide users with a easy-to-use and consistent experience throughout the facility. The Avocor E Series was selected as the most suitable interactive display option due to its versatility and excellent collaborative user experience. The Innovation Hub has a wide variety of workspaces which include:
  • a main office
  • a small meeting room
  • two seminar rooms
  • an exhibition space
  • a multi-use conference space
  • a specialist tech suite

Our Solution

The client requested standardized display and video conferencing  technology to ensure users had a consistent experience across  the hub.

The Avocor E Series is a line of interactive displays that are  designed for collaboration and team productivity. The displays  are equipped with a number of features that make them ideal for  use in the Innovation Hub, including:

  • a large, high-resolution touchscreen display
  • support for multiple users
  • a variety of software applications for collaboration  and productivity

The Avocor E Series displays were installed in the meeting rooms in  the Innovation Hub, as well as in the tech suite. The displays have  been used to host a variety of events, including networking events,  product launches, and talks by experts on relevant topics.

The Benefits

The standardized technology across the Hub has made it easy for  users to collaborate and share information. The stylish look of the  displays and video conferencing hardware aligns with the modern  and cutting-edge image of the Hub. In short, the Avocor E Series  displays have been an asset to the Innovation Hub, and have helped  to create a collaborative and productive environment for users

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