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Business Challenge

The UK Government client IT Estate supports over 30,000 users across the UK with desktops, laptops and mobile services. It delivers more than 2.500 applications over 300 systems, hosted across cloud services, private cloud services and multiple data centres. They operate in a range of separate security domains.

The client was going through a phase of growth and becoming more data driven, and as part of their review of Cyber Security in 2017/18 they identified a number of actions required to securely enable their digital transformation. The objective of this programme was to deploy layered cyber security countermeasures to identify threats and vulnerabilities, protect against them, detect when there is an attack, respond effectively, recover normal operations with minimal impact and secure useable evidence.

Our Approach

As part of an open tender procurement process, we reviewed the specification as identified by the Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and Information Technology Operations Centre (ITOC) teams. Site surveys were carried out to review the requirements and to propose a suitable solution. The tender specification identified a need a 2 AV walls which would allow the CSOC and ITOC to carry out monitoring of the Estate. Our technical teams reviewed the requirements, the site survey report and original specification and produced a suitable design.

Having delivered a similar project for another UK Government Department, we were able to align our design process to meet the high security requirements of this client.

Our Solution

Following successful award of the project, our solution comprised:

  • LED backlit full HD LCD displays optimised for 24×7 use and offering Ultra Narrow (UN) bezel, near seamless screens to ensure minimal interruption to scaled, detailed video images. A major feature of such displays is the low power consumption and thus running costs in terms of power usage and heat dissipation.
  • Displays were supplied with specialist manufactured brackets to enable easy access to screens within a videowall.
  • A truly networked solution based video networking system. Control of the system via a touch control panel.

Please note that the full technical details of this project are confidential for security purposes.

The Benefits

The solution provided to this Department offered scalability and security. The solution comprised 2 separate systems, 1no. for each of ITOC and CSOC, however it enables image exchange between both, or a combined network, both can be easily achieved. This feature is enabled by a password based system to ensure control of image viewing.

The solution provided allowed the ITOC and CSOC to have a full overview of the estate in a clear and secure way so that continuous 24/7 monitoring could be carried out, and any disruption from attacks would be minimal.

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