BAM Digital Signage

Case Study – Audio Visual

Business Challenge

BAM UK & Ireland has been looking for an innovative and simplistic Digital Signage solution that can be scaled up and down across UK & Ireland locations. The objective was to find a centralised and local method to effectively communicate with their personnel on sites and in offices in a sustainable and streamlined way.

Our Approach

BAM has partnered with Ajar Technology, an agnostic,  independent organisation with years of experience in delivering digital transformation solutions to enterprise  organisations in order to achieve operational excellence.

Ajar worked with the BAM to understand the use case for  Digital Signage across varying types of BAM locations.

Our Solution

Ajar, in collaboration with a cross-sectional BAM team has  aligned the solution with the standardised Digital Signage  Solution comprising LG displays, and Zeta Digital Signage,  which is utilised currently across Royal BAM in The

Ajar has installed three internal and one external display for  the proposed standardised solution at Bethells Bridge.

This site will be a live construction site and the displays will be  used to communicate corporate, local, payroll, HR and Health  & Safety messaging with teams and individuals on location.

The Benefits

  • Aligned to BAM Communications Strategy: This provides BAM with a fantastic channel to reach and  engage with remote workers on sites and offices.
  • A consistent, speedy digital approach to delivering robust  communications: Reducing  the need for paper-based signage that is traditionally resourced and maintained locally.
  • Timeliness: Messages can be communicated and updated rapidly.
  • Inclusivity: Displays can be positioned in high impact areas; e.g. a canteen/ welfare area.
  • The annual licensing model enables BAM to spread the licensing costs over a period of time: Thus maximising available budget whilst leveraging budget allocation over future years,  rather than pay the upfront capital costs of  perpetual licenses from a single annual budget.
  • The system allows for remote maintenance: So BAM has confidence in a secure and efficient system with limited disruption or owntime.
  • The cloud based solution is scalable and  flexible: It allows BAM to add as many screens as required over time, and adapt as requirements grows and the number of sites increases. Equally,  the screens can be easily moved and transferred  elsewhere if relocation is required. The cloud  based solution also ensures that BAM do not have  to procure the core management server hardware  for each and every site which will significantly  reduce cost as all core infrastructure is hosted in the cloud.

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