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Case Study – Cloud Based CCTV System

Business Challenge

In 2021 London Ambulance Service NHS Trust identified a requirement to protect their bunkered fuel tanks across their estate as part of a loss prevention strategy and need to safeguard staff and assets. The sites had been identified as vulnerable and a security risk due to the value of the fuel, and the existing security measures had not provided adequate protection from attempted theft. The 16 site locations are dispersed across the estate with the fuel dumps installed at remote locations on a particular site, adding to the complexity and cost when considering traditional physical security solutions.

Our Solution

AJAR Technology liaised with the Ambulance Trust to design, implement and commission a true cloud CCTV solution to enable the local and centralised monitoring of all sites.

Digital 4 Megapixel IP CCTV cameras with day/night functionality and integrated IR lighting were installed in strategic external locations across each site to provide for crystal clear monitoring of each fuel tank, at full resolution, on a 24/7/365 basis. The CCTV cameras were connected to a local router installed within secure external cabinets at each site providing for a tamperproof installation. Within each router, a corporate 4G sim card was installed to provide for high bandwidth connection to the cloud video management solution for secure data transfer and full resolution CCTV footage as a true stand-alone solution.

Each CCTV camera accesses the VMS platform via a software license key which is renewed on an annual basis whilst the CCTV footage is stored for 30 days in the cloud. The Ambulance Service NHS Trust can access the live and recorded footage via secure web browser and/or mobile application using dual factor authentication without the requirement to install any additional software on their client machines or mobile devices.

Following the successful implementation of this solution to the bunkered fuel depots, the Service engaged us to design and install the same solution across their drugs stores, medicine packing units, ambulance stations and most recently, the Headquarters office. This brings the total estate up to 700+ cameras connected to a single centralised platform which enables the Service to manage over 100 locations via the cloud.

The Benefits

The adoption of a cloud based CCTV solution has provided the client with a true cloud experience, enabling reliable and secure monitoring of their sites with access to both live and recorded CCTV footage from anywhere with an internet connection. The implementation of the cloud solution has mitigated the cost and complexity of procuring and maintaining a traditional on-premise server based solution, whilst also providing the client with the inherent flexibility and scalability of a cloud platform for additional applications across different sites and departments.

The intelligent use of mobile data 4G technology avoids any reliance on the LAS corporate network/WAN in its entirety, negating all network bandwidth and network security concerns whilst also accelerating the onboarding process and solution deployment. Furthermore, the straightforward and flexible cloud software licensing model for both CCTV camera connections and CCTV storage provides the Trust with a defined, rapid and clear process to scale up its solution across the wider estate as operational need requires, enabling immediate, ad-hoc additions of CCTV cameras and ad-hoc extension of footage retention without the need to purchase additional storage hardware.

AJAR Technology provides this client with a robust support and maintenance package with defined SLAs for peace of mind; remote access to the cloud platform eliminates the need for on-site attendances with system faults identified and rectified using the software platform to rapidly restore the system to full operational capacity.

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