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Case Study – AV Solutions

Our Approach

A UK Police Force had a requirement for a design for unified communication technology to be deployed across functional spaces across the Force’s newly refurbished Police and Fire Rescue campus.

Project Objectives

The Force were keen to facilitate common Audio Visual services including digital signage, IPTV and room booking systems across the site.

The site comprised of:

  • 5 x standard meeting rooms
  • 10 x training rooms (single and divisible)
  • 2 x interview rooms
  • 1 x gym
  • 1 x sports hall
  • 1 x canteen
  • 1 x control room
  • Communal areas


Our scope of work included identification of the technology roadmap aligned to the Force-Wide needs and site specific needs, define the approach for the implementation and provide technical drawings for specified technologies.

As part of the consultancy and design process with the Force and key stakeholders, we defined the use cases and user requirements with our subject matter experts and AV Design Manager confirming standardised specifications across the site, which included:

  • Meeting Rooms comprising AV Presentation Functionality as well as Videoconferencing
  • Training Rooms comprising AV Presentation Functionality only
  • Interview Rooms enabling Training Interviews to be conducted with Video relayed to the Training Rooms, as well as to the adjacent interview rooms
  • Canteen, Gym and Multi-Purpose Sports Hall will require AV services and, in some instances – audio reinforcement as well
  • A Control Centre facilitating management of Incident Data, requiring content distribution via separate Police LAN (CMG-LAN)


Our design and technology specification had core principles at the forefront, with a view to enabling the Force to improve collaboration and efficiency, whilst getting the best out of the new site facilities.

Technology and Strategy

Having worked with a number of UK Police Forces, Ajar Technology were familiar with the requirements of the Police New Ways of Working operational and technology strategy, and have vast experience in supporting Forces as they leverage technology investment to provide an agile and flexible working environment for all staff whilst ensuring alignment with the Police National Enabling Programme and the adoption of unified collaboration technology sets.


With this in mind, Ajar were able to provide this Force with a number of options that are utilised across neighbouring Police forces to collaboratively agree on a suitable technology stack for this site.


The Force received a comprehensive technical design which supported the Police New Ways of Working strategy, which enabled their principal contractor to configure the rooms and communal spaces in an appropriate way to provide suitable networking access, and therefore ensuring that there was no need for post refurbishment disruption or room changes to enable suitable technologies, and thus saving further expenditure.

Our design identified and defined a blueprint of audio visual facilities across the campus that in the longer term would future proof the digital investment, and allow further scalability across the Force beyond this site. By working in this collaborative way enables the Force’s stakeholders to be involved in the planning and decision making for technologies that they will ultimately be the core users of on a day to day basis, and this empowers end users in achieving the benefits of digitisation.

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