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Ajar Technology interconnects people and their worlds through smart tech.


Passengers at London Heathrow per month managed by the Heathrow Airport Control Centre


Interconnected CCTV cameras for the British Transport Police


Apartments installed with Smart Automation
John Holland KayeCEO Heathrow Airport

“The Heathrow Control Centre will be transformational for how we work. I'm delighted it is now operational and we are bringing everyone together like this.”

Who we work for

Ajar Technology operates and collaborates wherever there is critical data to process, protect and distribute.

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Putting YOU in control. Interconnected systems, end to end. Giving you peace of mind, anywhere in the world.

About us

The door is ajar, to new technology. It’s as simple as that. We set out with a simple premise; do things differently and have a lot of fun.