Display solutions, advertising, broadcast & customer information

AJAR's media division supplies, integrates and maintains large format AV solutions for public environments and internal communications.

Screens at Heathrow Terminal 2 installed by Ajar Technology

What we do

  • Content production, specifications and advice to the advertisement creators
  • Software and hardware operation
  • Control the display of content through hosted services
  • 24/7 maintenance and support

Reach out to your audience

Enhance customer experience and navigation by delivering targeted messages and dynamic wayfinding to specific locations and/or consumers at specific times.

Tony ChenT2A Contracting Officer, Heathrow Terminal 2 Programme

“The quality & final finishes of the end products exceed the project team's expectation. The screens have now created a real "wow" factor for our future passengers using Heathrow. Ajar Technology has delivered its commitment and promise & we can see their continual involvement in Heathrow's future developments.”