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About us

The door is ajar, to new technology. It's as simple as that.

We set out with a simple premise; do things differently and have a lot of fun.

We’ve always thrown our arms around new technology. From 3D-360 degree live action cameras way back in 2005(!), Virtual Reality Headsets in 2006(!!) to IPTV and IPCCTV systems in 2007, we’ve always been enthusiastic to try new things.

Along the way we discovered like minded people in unexpected places within the public and private sector who also understood the need to evolve without compromising business continuity and resilience.

We are both effective and efficient. That means we do the right thing and we also do the thing right.

The first 12 years have been a lot of fun and whilst the Company is now growing up, with an average staff age of around 30, we remain young at heart and committed to invest in the next generation of people and technology.

The door is open. Come on in.


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